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Ruth's story of CFS recovery

Mickel Therapy has taught me many skills that I know I will use for life

I was diagnosed with severe CFS at 18 years of age. For four and a half years, I suffered many debilitating symptoms associated with this condition. I was housebound, and entirely dependent on my family for support, as the severity of my fatigue left me unable to function. I saw many health professionals and tried […]

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Payback’s a bitch!

6 years a slave to CFS During my 6 years of struggling with CFS through university, 3 jobs and 3 home moves, one of the things that always seemed strange to me, was that I could be exhausted, have aches and pains and other horrendous symptoms but if I did something I enjoyed like seeing […]

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It’s not all about me! Favourite blogs by others…

While I love writing blogs about the things I’m passionate about I also know there are some wonderful blogs and articles out there by other people. Here are some of my favourite: Anna Quindlen’s (Author) Commencement Speech Mount Holyoke College, May 23, 1999 Slowing Down -Eknath Easwaran in Yoga Journal How Laughter Works Therapeutic Benefits of […]

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Wendy at the gym after starting Mickel Therapy

My illness of 20 years remains a thing of the past

Originally posted on Intuitive Health Facebook page: I’m back with more praise and gratitude for Mickel Therapy and my Practitioner Saul. After just 7 weeks of putting the therapy into practice, I have my life back. At first when I could do things like go for a walk etc, I still had some fear that […]

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Fleur in bed

Roads to Recovery

“If I hadn’t of done Mickel Therapy I would still be laying in that darkened room today” My story begins in 1994 when I was going through an extremely stressful time, I was doing year 11 in high school and my parents were going through a divorce, so things were not great.  I had been […]

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CFS recovery story

Life is exciting and fun again, the way it was when I was a child

I had fibromyalgia/CFS, insomnia, and migraines for a little over two years which had a sudden onset from the swine flu after several more years of slowly developing symptoms. I can confidently say I don’t have fibromyalgia anymore, or any of the aforementioned symptoms. I used to not be able to go hiking or jogging […]

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“Don’t Worry About It”

Could ‘innocent’ phrases like this affect our health? When I spent a year in Australia back in 2005, one of my favourite hobbies was learning the local lingo. I became adept at using phrases like “no worries” or “no dramas”. While on a little trip to Darwin, a guy offered to help a friend and I […]

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At King's Canyon after completing Mickel Therapy.

I feel like the luckiest person alive

I’d had CFS for a few years after Glandular Fever and Ross River Fever. I felt I was getting worse. I heard about Mickel Therapy on a website for CFS sufferers. At first I was curious. I went to the website and I thought it sounded a bit weird but I was still curious. I […]

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My maxim for Mickel Therapy is “To be true to yourself

I was not one who suffered with CFS. I was one who was extremely limited by it, describing it as a “conscious coma”. At times I remember wondering that if I had the choice between amputation of my legs or my current state, I’d be tempted to ring a surgeon. One I wanted to be […]

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I will rate it as one of the most profound choices I have ever made

I personally suffered from symptoms for about 12 years. I had been diagnosed with an array of things. Eventually with Fibromyalgia, CFS, allergies, depression and anxiety. Then I developed severe Multiple Chemicals Sensitivities.  Also referred to as 20th Century Syndrome. The piece de resistance! I believe I also developed electro magnetic sensitivity. For long periods […]

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