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Rosalie after recovering from CFS with Mickel Therapy

I wasn’t able to do my office job, could hardly take care of the kids

Saul did an amazing job in helping me to recover from chronic fatigue. Before I started Mickel Therapy, I had tried various treatments to recover from my fatigue, which was affecting all aspects of my life. I wasn’t able to do my office job, could hardly take care of the kids and sometimes could even […]

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Amanda's video story of recovery from CFS

VIDEO: Amanda’s story of CFS recovery after 5 years

After experiencing chronic fatigue for five years I had tried many different avenues and had almost believed that I would live with it for my entire life. Then came along Mickel Therapy eighteen months ago, which I tried knowing I had nothing to loose. It is now a year on since I completed my Mickel […]

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Ruth's story of CFS recovery

Mickel Therapy has taught me many skills that I know I will use for life

I was diagnosed with severe CFS at 18 years of age. For four and a half years, I suffered many debilitating symptoms associated with this condition. I was housebound, and entirely dependent on my family for support, as the severity of my fatigue left me unable to function. I saw many health professionals and tried […]

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Wendy at the gym after starting Mickel Therapy

My illness of 20 years remains a thing of the past

Originally posted on Intuitive Health Facebook page: I’m back with more praise and gratitude for Mickel Therapy and my Practitioner Saul. After just 7 weeks of putting the therapy into practice, I have my life back. At first when I could do things like go for a walk etc, I still had some fear that […]

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Fleur in bed

Roads to Recovery

“If I hadn’t of done Mickel Therapy I would still be laying in that darkened room today” My story begins in 1994 when I was going through an extremely stressful time, I was doing year 11 in high school and my parents were going through a divorce, so things were not great.  I had been […]

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CFS recovery story

Life is exciting and fun again, the way it was when I was a child

I had fibromyalgia/CFS, insomnia, and migraines for a little over two years which had a sudden onset from the swine flu after several more years of slowly developing symptoms. I can confidently say I don’t have fibromyalgia anymore, or any of the aforementioned symptoms. I used to not be able to go hiking or jogging […]

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At King's Canyon after completing Mickel Therapy.

I feel like the luckiest person alive

I’d had CFS for a few years after Glandular Fever and Ross River Fever. I felt I was getting worse. I heard about Mickel Therapy on a website for CFS sufferers. At first I was curious. I went to the website and I thought it sounded a bit weird but I was still curious. I […]

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My maxim for Mickel Therapy is “To be true to yourself

I was not one who suffered with CFS. I was one who was extremely limited by it, describing it as a “conscious coma”. At times I remember wondering that if I had the choice between amputation of my legs or my current state, I’d be tempted to ring a surgeon. One I wanted to be […]

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I will rate it as one of the most profound choices I have ever made

I personally suffered from symptoms for about 12 years. I had been diagnosed with an array of things. Eventually with Fibromyalgia, CFS, allergies, depression and anxiety. Then I developed severe Multiple Chemicals Sensitivities.  Also referred to as 20th Century Syndrome. The piece de resistance! I believe I also developed electro magnetic sensitivity. For long periods […]

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It gave me my life back

“Mickel Therapy gave me the key to learning how to get rid of CFS. It gave me an understanding of my body and an understanding of my symptoms. And ultimately, gave me my life back again.” – L.T, London 2007

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