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Saul Levitt, M.E. Survivor & Mickel Therapist

I survived M.E. now I’m thriving.

2006 seems like a long time ago. I guess it is! That’s the year I fully recovered from M.E. Let’s back up a little….. In the late 90s while studying a degree in Marketing at Plymouth University, I was struck down with a horrendous bout of the flu. It meant I couldn’t return to university […]

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The Shiatsu Guy Presents podcast

Podcast interview on The Shiatsu Guy Presents

I was recently interviewed on The Shiatsu Guy Presents podcast. The podcast series looks at a number of complimentary therapists, their journey and insights. My interview looked at my journey through Chronic Fatigue and in the process discovering Mickel Therapy as well as my views on health and wellbeing. You can download the podcast episode from iTunes and […]

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