Depression and Mickel Therapy

What is Depression?

Depression is a state of intense sadness, melancholia or despair that may advance to the point of being disruptive to an individual’s social functioning and/or activities of daily living. Clinical depression is a clinical diagnosis and may be different from the everyday meaning of “being depressed.” Many people identify the feeling of being depressed as “feeling sad for no reason”, or “having no motivation to do anything.” One suffering from depression may feel tired, sad, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, and apathetic. Clinical depression is generally acknowledged to be more serious than normal depressed feelings and usually leads to constant negative thinking.

From a Mickel Therapy perspective, depression is the DE-PRESSING of e-motions, to the point that we are consciously or more often unconsciously ignoring or overriding them. Since e-motions are just communication from the ‘Body Intelligence’ to the Mind to say that something needs to be looked at, depressing e-motions does not solve our problems.

How can Mickel Therapy help?

Mickel Therapy can help to deal with Depression and Anxiety by giving you the tools to deal effectively with these disorders.

You can also now order the new workbook and video presentation on Depression and Anxiety by Dr Mickel. Click here to order (UK website).

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Mickel Therapy Testimonials

It is definitely one of the most profound things I’ve done

Life is exciting and fun again, the way it was when I was a child. I also have the tools to navigate through situations in life. It is definitely one of the most profound things I’ve done and I would recommend it to anyone.