Mickel Therapy

Saul Levitt, founder of Intuitive Health, practiced Mickel Therapy for 14 years having used it to successfully recover from Chronic Fatigue. He now helps people with a range of different health conditions by offering Health Recovery Therapy.

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What Mickel Therapy is

  • It is a solution focussed talking therapy
  • It can work in just a few sessions
  • It is empowering, as it guides you how to change your behaviour to stop the symptoms
  • It helps you understand why you have become ill
  • It gives you a clear set of tools to put into practice in order to recover

What Mickel Therapy is not

  • It is not psychotherapy
  • It is not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • It does not involve medication or diet change
  • It does not involve expensive supplements
  • It does not involve physical contact other than speaking by phone or Zoom

Saul’s journey with Chronic Fatigue

During my 6 year struggle with Chronic Fatigue I started to discover things that were helping in my recovery and things that were making things worse.

With a lot of helpful guides along the way I was astounded by my own recovery having previously tried every treatment imaginable.

Saul provides a therapy for health recovery

After 14 years as a Mickel Therapy practitioner and trainer I decided to leave Mickel Therapy and practice my own therapy.

I’m now excited to share with you all that I’ve learnt so that you to can start in your recovery.


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