Stephen – Ireland

June 24, 2022

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  • CFS Success Story
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I started this therapy after a year and a half of dealing with chronic fatigue. Before this had happened I would have thought of myself as fit and healthy. I was always trying to do better and very hard on myself, I would never give myself a break either physically or mentally; I would never miss a workout and wouldn’t accept anything less than perfect whilst in work.

What started as some minor brain fog and tiredness, had accelerated into taking every ounce of energy out my system. I was off work for a year at this point, after taking a break thinking the rest would help me recover. Instead of recovering, by the end of that year things got significantly worse.

At that stage I was literally struggling to hold the weight of my head up, I couldn’t walk for longer than 5-10minutes per day, I hadn’t cooked my own dinner for months. Having a shower would mean I would need to skip that 5 minute walk. I remember one day I tried to peel a potato and ended up having to go to bed. My legs felt like they were full of lead, and the brain fog had wiped most of my personality away. My skin became allergic to almost all fabrics except for the same clothes I would wear daily. I would eat every couple of hours to keep my blood sugar steady. Fatigue isn’t the word for what I felt, any time I tried to do something extra (like literally an extra couple of minutes walking), I felt like I would have to pay for it and would result in another ‘crash’. I was lying down for 30 minutes twice a day just to stop any further crashes, but things kept getting worse anyway. I was trapped and the future couldn’t have looked any bleaker.

My life revolved around getting better and nothing else, nothing else mattered. I had also spent thousands on any possible cure available; traditional medicine, functional medicine, psychotherapy, acupuncture, energy healing and everything else you hear about, to no avail.

I had tried so hard to pace myself and conserve energy over the last few months in particular, that I was actually pretty worried about starting the therapy, which seemed to contradict everything I’ve done and researched up until then. I had worked so hard to keep any energy I had, and really could not afford to lose any more!

When I first read the success stories from this therapy, I was very skeptical but also hopeful, I remember that night not being able to sleep. This was the first time I came across any positive recovery stories ever, and they all happened to be in the same place. All my time googling etc. and I never heard of it, until I came across it in an old forum post whilst looking up naturopathy.

After my first session with Saul, that glimmer of hope I had started to become a reality. I noticed an increase in energy within the first week. Saul gave me the tools to be in touch with my emotions, and realise that the symptoms were signs from my body which I needed to listen to. Things started to make sense, particularly how all my willpower and determination (which I always prided myself on) before getting sick and while trying to recover had led to me being so unwell; I completely disregarded my emotions and how I felt and it was destroying my health. I was too busy trying to pace myself and get better than to care about how I actually felt, how wrong was I! can remember the first time I noticed the therapy working, and ever since I have continued getting better and better.

I could go on hikes, cycle, run, lift weights, laugh, talk to people, have fun and there was no more crashes.

Over the next few weeks and months, I started living again. I could go on hikes, cycle, run, lift weights, laugh, talk to people, have fun and there was no more crashes. No more napping, and I could definitely peel a potato! My skin calmed down and I can wear what I want. My personality and sense of humour came back. I had no more restrictions, and very few (if any) symptoms. It was literally a miracle, and still is. I am now back working full time, and living life with a different outlook. I am much more in touch with my emotions, and only do things if I enjoy them. I make sure I balance the bad with good. I might get the odd symptom every now and again, which I take as a sign from my body that there is an action I need to take. I still consider myself a work in progress and know these are just signs for me to avoid falling into old habits.

Saul is an expert on this therapy, very understanding and lets you go at your own pace, but also gives encouragement when needed. It wasn’t always easy and does take some determination and courage, but since the day I met Saul my life has improved for the better. He helped me get my life back. The future is bright and I couldn’t be more thankful.

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