Therapy for Depression recovery

Health Recovery Therapy can help to empty the pot of worries that have built up over time, alleviating stress and depression in the process.

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Types of Depression

There are a number of different types of depression which range in severity.

For many of the common forms of depression we can help guide you in your course to recovery.

Traditional Depression Treatments

The most common ways to treat depression include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

While people can benefit from these, Health Recovery Therapy takes a slightly different approach.

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Health Recovery Therapy to treat depression

We provide a structured programme that is tailored to you. We also try not to make it too daunting so you can take it at your pace.

How is Health Recovery Therapy for depression different?

Using our 15 years experience, we work with the stress-disease connection.

Once we start to see the connection between the build up of stress and our depression we can start to recover.

We often don't release that over the course of months or even years, we are missing small subtle or even big stressors that build up in our body.

We also don't mean to be we start stuffing away positive feelings, making it harder to connect with them.

Using straight forward tools, we work with changing our behaviour in response to these stressful events without needing to change our thinking.

People are often amazed at the change they see, with their depression lifting.

  • Understand why we get ill
  • Practical tools for your recovery you can use immediately
  • Tools to quieten the mind
  • Learn about the 'Fatigue Myth'
  • Calming our fight, flight or freeze response
  • Find out about chronic stress, anxiety, depression & more
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Health Recovery Therapy success stories

Read some of the amazing stories of recovery from depression from our clients

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“Most importantly, I have reclaimed my enthusiasm for life, my work, and hobbies.”




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