What is Health Recovery Therapy?

Saul Levitt, founder of Intuitive Health, has over 15 years experience of successfully helping people recover from illness having sufferred with Chronic Fatigue himself. He now helps people with a range of different health conditions by offering health recovery therapy.

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What Health Recovery Therapy is

  • A solution focussed talking therapy
  • It can work in just a few sessions
  • Empowering, as it guides you how to change your behaviour to stop the symptoms
  • It helps you understand why you have become ill
  • A clear set of tools for you to put into practice

What Health Recovery Therapy is not

  • It is not psychotherapy
  • It is not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • It does not involve medication or diet change
  • It does not involve expensive supplements
  • It does not involve physical contact other than speaking by phone or Zoom

Saul’s journey with Chronic Fatigue

During my 6 year struggle with Chronic Fatigue I started to discover things that were helping in my recovery and things that were making me feel worse.

With a lot of helpful guides along the way I was astounded by my own recovery having previously tried every treatment and therapy imaginable.

Saul provides a therapy for health recovery

I’m now excited to share with you all that I’ve learnt so that you to can start in your own health recovery.

I've helped hundreds of clients with an 85% success rate. You can read just some of the inspiring client success stories of people I’ve worked with.

Health Recovery FAQs

How much do sessions cost?

You can take a look at our price page for a full breakdown of options.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies but a lot of clients find they need 8 – 15 sessions to get well.

We try to give you the tools, some guidance and then let you get on with it once you're better!

How long are sessions?

Sessions are one-to-one consultations which last for 1 hour, though the first session may be longer.

If your illness means this would be difficult, we are experienced in changing sessions to what will work for you.

What can I expect from a session?

Sessions are very much solution focussed. Read more about the therapy and sessions.

Where are sessions held?

We have 15 years experience running sessions remotely. We offer this via Zoom or by phone and I'm fortunate to work with people all over the world.

Pre-Coronavirus I did also offer some face-to-face sessions in North West London and hope to return to this in the future.

How often should I do sessions?

We recommend doing these weekly for the first 3 sessions and then usually every 2 weeks.

We will however guide you based on your progress.

Is it effective?

We have an 85% success rate. You can read more on our 'Is Health Recovery Therapy effective?' page.

You can also read some of our success stories.

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