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Our Philosophy as a therapy for health recovery

Intuitive Health uses knowledge from a range of health & wellbeing practices where we’ve seen real personal benefit. We offer therapy for health recovery.

If it hasn’t worked for us, we won’t offer it to you!

Currently we offer therapy for Health Recovery which includes all we've learnt from 17 years working in health including as a Mickel Therapy practitioner and trainer, exploring Dr Gabor Mate's Compassionate Enquiry work, being a founding member of The Mind-Body Reconnect as well as all we've learnt through laughter yoga, Polyvagel Theory, clutter clearing and more.

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Meet Saul, your therapist for Health Recovery

Saul Levitt

Saul Levitt


My personal experience with Chronic Fatigue / M.E and Fibromyalgia has been instrumental in my path to becoming a Health Recovery therapist.

By sharing my story, perhaps you will notice some similarities in your own journey. And discover there is hope for a life beyond illness and pain.

From the age of 5 I started to notice that I had occasional stomach pains. Throughout my childhood I suffered with bouts of anxiety, one of which landed me in hospital.

While studying at university, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following the onset of a severe flu virus.

Over the next few years I struggled with symptoms ranging from muscle pains, sensitivity to sound, intolerances, fatigue and lethargy, to name but a few! I tried lots of different treatments but I felt stuck and unsure of how to cope with my health issues.

Saul Levitt, therapist for health recovery at Intuitive Health

Then in 2006, during some time living in Australia, I heard about a new treatment for CFS / M.E called Mickel Therapy. When I read more about it, it really clicked and made sense to me.

Soon after I went on practitioner training in New Zealand. This helped me to make the full recovery from many of my lingering symptoms including Fibromyalgia, food intolerances and IBS.

The change in me was dramatic and life changing. I went on to offer Mickel Therapy for 14 years to other fellow CFS sufferers.

Living through this condition myself has been invaluable in my empathy and ability to help clients like you on your own journey to health.

With the help of some amazing colleagues, I have taken everything I learnt through the years to work as a therapist for Health Recovery.

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Intuitive Health Founder and therapist for health recovery therapy, Saul LevittBackground & Training

Over the past 15 years I have held a range of marketing and project management jobs in both the private and charitable sectors. But, I felt that I wanted something more fulfilling out of my work and life in general.

So, in 2006 I trained in Mickel Therapy in New Zealand. For the next 14 years I practiced as an Accredited Mickel Therapist and trainer based in the UK, helping clients all over the world.

In 2020 I decided to take Intuitive Health in a new direction and refine my knowledge and experience by offering Health Recovery Therapy.

I am constantly developing my own practice and also continue to work with colleagues on developing The Mind-Body Reconnect.

Other Training & Services

I have trained with 3 experienced laughter facilitators (one who has studied with Madan Kataria) and have a keen interest in home organisation and clutter clearing.