Wendy – Australia

December 18, 2012

  • CFS Success Story

Originally posted on Intuitive Health Facebook page:

I’m back with more praise and gratitude for this therapy and my Practitioner Saul. After just 7 weeks of putting the therapy into practice, I have my life back.

At first when I could do things like go for a walk etc, I still had some fear that this might be ‘just a phase’ and my new found freedom could disappear again and I’d be back in bed, feeling deathly and unable to function. But no, it’s not a phase, it’s real recovery and real freedom and I’m over the moon happy and feeling great! After my week’s free trial, I’m now signed up to my gym for a year, and loving it! Plus, I’m walking 2-3 k’s each day and doing big dog walks as well. Being able to get up early and go for a walk is heaven and no payback is bliss! Sharing to hopefully encourage others.

It’s now 3 months since my introduction and first session with my Practitioner Saul Levitt and how my life has changed!

I almost still find it odd to believe that this therapy is so powerful and, used effectively, can bring about such fantastically positive results. My illness of 20 years remains a thing of the past and I now no longer know days of debilitating, bedridden, illness and despair.

Sure I still have a few symptoms here and there (it’s only been three months after all!) but it’s usually because I’ve missed applying the therapy the way I’ve been taught and I soon get back on track and the symptoms ease or completely disappear.

Two nights ago, after not sleeping for more than two or three hours, (due to a very frightening situation with friends being in grave danger from Victoria’s out of control bush fires), I still managed to go to the gym the following day, plus late afternoon went for an hour+ brisk dog walk with my husband and our dogs, and I’d made dinner before we left.

Yesterday I spent the whole day out with family, walking everywhere, checking out shops, chatting all day plus I drove 45 mins there and back, on my own, to meet them. I slept peacefully last night and woke early today with energy to spare.

As an extra bonus, I’m now off previous ME/CFS/Fibro medications and eating foods I couldn’t tolerate for years! None of these things have been possible for me for many many years, without dire results when I tried to engage in everyday normal activities others take for granted.

Saul and this therapy have given me back my life.

Do you reckon I might be a tad grateful!! Lol. Off to the gym again now for a spot of bike riding and cardio stuff and then another big summer evening dog walk. Life really is good after all!


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