Ed – UK

October 14, 2023

  • Anxiety Success Story
  • CFS Recovery Success Story
  • CFS Success Story
  • Chronic Fatigue Success Story
  • ME Success Story

Ed - CFS / Anxiety recoveryI was drawn to work with Saul after learning more about the mind-body connection during Covid lockdown and how my emotions might be fuelling the symptoms I’d suffered with for much of my adult life. From our first meeting, Saul laid out a clear, easy-to-understand framework that explained both what was happening in my body and what I might do to improve things.

The way of working Saul proposed does require some effort on your part – there is a (perfectly reasonable) time commitment involved, and some ongoing attentiveness to the way you are living your life and any changes that might improve things for you – but the return on that investment is undeniable.

My physical health has improved, I’ve become more confident at advocating for myself or drawing boundaries where needed, and I have a clearer overall understanding of the things that make me happy in life and how to pursue them in a fulfilling way.

If Saul’s pioneering approach to health recovery has got your attention, I highly recommend contacting him to learn more – it could be the beginning of something incredible for you.


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