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May 1, 2007

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I personally suffered from symptoms for about 12 years. I had been diagnosed with an array of things. Eventually with Fibromyalgia, CFS, allergies, depression and anxiety. Then I developed severe Multiple Chemicals Sensitivities. Also referred to as 20th Century Syndrome. The piece de resistance! I believe I also developed electro magnetic sensitivity. For long periods of time my symptoms were very severe. I’d actually describe them as horrific. Towards the last years, also for those few remaining family members who witnessed it.

My future was portrayed as very bleak. I was told to consider morphine & palliative care (I wouldn’t). I had been prescribed home oxygen as I was ‘reacting’ severally to my surroundings. I spent 12 months trying to find a mask & tubing I could use. I never did. I couldn’t go anywhere or be near things that were not part of the ‘natural’ environment. Even some things there had turned against me. I knew when people had filled their car with petrol earlier that day. It made me ill. I couldn’t be near roads because of car emissions. I also couldn’t be near people wearing scented products. Nor with those who washed their persons or their clothes in most soaps & detergents etc etc. Do the maths to work out how many friends I had on the planet.

Most people wouldn’t/couldn’t understand or change. They left. I experienced a slow breakdown & loss of nearly everything. My only choice seemed surviving in isolation (as far a way from civilization as possible). But I didn’t even have the resources left to do that. One thing I could trust in though, was that very many others on the planet were experiencing similar things. And through the power of modern technology, we could link up & become a kind of bio-feedback system. A loop. For better. And for worse. I distinctly remember asking someone who was a CFS/FM/MCS advocate, if they had ever heard of anybody who had got better. I found the reply so devastating that I was spurred on to find my own answers.

Binary to all this, a quest for knowledge & ‘true’ healing led me to focus even further on what I was experiencing from a spiritual perspective. And also very importantly – from an ‘energy’ perspective. Although these approaches may not necessarily ring true to other’s, I personally started considering the linkages between spirituality, suffering & illness. And evolution.

This research led me to understand & look at things very differently. A broad range of resources interested me. Things like Quantum Physics. Although very very basic as I don’t have a science background. Quite the contrary. For some time I had a vague sense of what I was looking for. But I was struggling as to how I might put this growing awareness into practice.

In effect, it was within this frame work that I discovered this therapy. In many respects discovering this therapy (via the internet) was a needle in the haystack scenario. Nobody seemed to have heard of it in Australia. After some consideration, I began phone & email therapy with a therapist (a former ‘M.E’ sufferer) in London. With communication technologies, I didn’t find the geographical distance a real issue.

I will rate it as one of the most profound choices I have ever made.

It is a talking therapy, which asks an individual to take responsibility & to participate in their healing process. While working with emotions. It is not a form of psychotherapy. The therapy does not advocate CFS /FM and related illnesses as being of the ‘mind’.

I understand it this way. Remember the flight/fright & fight state many of us experienced in the beginning or just prior to illness? It’s like a switch in our brain (not mind) was flicked on. It jammed in overdrive. Then the fuses started to blow. This therapy helps turn the switch off. Well actually I’ll say… it helps us re-set the dial. With finer tuning.

This therapy provided me with real tools and with real support. It helped me evolve through & past the suffering of CFS/FM/MCS. It does not mask symptoms. They actually begin to stop. I started to understand health as my natural state. I’ll never forget the morning I woke up. Knowing light at the end of the tunnel. It feels very much like… I’ve made my very own little quantum leap.

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